Don’t Fear The FAA !!!

Everyday our office fields several questions from new and returning pilots who have a new medical issues but have trepidation about reporting said issue to the FAA.

Being a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for several years our office has worked intimately with the officials of the FAA. The FAA is a good organization that only wants the best for Pilots and the flying public, most importantly safety first.

No matter how grave your medical issue appears to be please be honest and straight forward in your responses when filling out your medical history online. If you should have issues to report that you feel could pose a problem please feel free to call our office and speak directly to Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson will gladly discuss your issues and serve as your liaison with the FAA to help you get your medical certificate. The most expeditious route to getting your issues resolved is honesty and early reporting of the event so all parties involved have time to evaluate your conditions to determine your eligibility to fly.

Please feel free to call our office, we are committed to keeping you in the air.

Ronald H. Johnson, M.D.







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