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Medical examinations in accordance to FAA guidelines.
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Ronald H. Johnson, M.D.

Senior Aviation Medical Examiner

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Dr. Johnson is a senior Aviation Medical Examiner who has performed first, second and third class aviation medical exams since 1997.  Dr. Johnson is extremely experienced in dealing with issues specifically related to aviation and airmen medical needs.

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For all pilots we offer the following:

  • Guaranteed appointment availability on Tuesday and Thursday in our Fredericksburg office, even on short notice.
  • State of the art medical equipment and office facilities to assist in the most efficient and thorough aviation medical exam.  Please click on the Virtual Tour tab to view our facilities.
  • For airmen with complex medical issues, we offer assistance and guidance in working with the Federal Aviation Administration to ultimately gain medical certification.
  • A friendly, experienced, dedicated staff to assist in your medical treatment.


Once you have scheduled your flight physical with the office of Ronald H. Johnson M.D. you must then go to the Federal Aviation Administration website to complete your medical history form. Once you have completed your medical history online you will be given a confirmation number, please print this confirmation number and bring it with you at the time of your flight physical examination appointment.  IF YOU DO NOT BRING YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER OUR OFFICE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE MEDICAL HISTORY THAT YOU HAVE COMPLETED ONLINE. Failure to have your confirmation number could delay or even prevent your aviation medical exam from being performed.

  • Please feel free to eat breakfast or have coffee before you come in for your aviation medical exam.  At the office of Ronald H. Johnson M.D. we strive to make our patients feel relaxed and make the FAA flight medical exam as relaxing and non-stressful as possible.  You will be required to give a urine specimen at the time of your FAA medical exam.
  • Dr. Johnson will personally sit down with you and review your medical history, review any medications you are currently taking, and discuss any medical issues that you may have.  If you are scheduled for a FAA flight medical examination with Dr. Johnson and you feel you have medical issues that could pose a problem please feel free to call the office and request a phone consultation with Dr. Johnson prior to your FAA aviation medical examination date.
  • Dr. Ronald H. Johnson M.D. has over 18 years of experience with pilots and aviation medical exams.  Our pilot patient base covers many diverse areas of aviation: sport pilots, military pilots transitioning to civilian aviation, weekend recreational pilots, captains of the 777 and air traffic controllers.  Our office is dedicated to keeping you flying.